This is the web demo for my Asset Pack for UNity - Availible here >> Unity Asset Store

2.1 Updated to Unity 5.5

*fixed bug with upgrades and items not setting price correctly.

2.0 Updated to Unity 5.4

*performance improvements *fixed bug on android which would cause Application.quit to be called on start.

For IOS you need to use OnApplicationPause, For Android you need to use OnApplicationQuit.

**Added Prestige Option - Now you can reset your progress in exchange for Prestige Levels and Golden Bananas! Prestige levels give you a 1% boost per level to banana production.

**Added new Stats Window, Now you can see how many bananas total you have made since last prestige!

**Now display bonus when you click the button, next to normal earnings.

**Updated Number system, now converted to a Double which means we can go much higher! we can now go to 306 places and the game will handle this fine! All named too

from Billion (9x0's) -> Uncentillion(306x 0's)

Planning next update to intergrate something to spend Golden bananas on and maybe improve the artwork, style.. however it is just placeholder art. so you should replace all art with your own art before publishing.

UPDATED: 21/10/2015
Current Version - 1.9 (Unity 5.2)

This is the most comprehensive Incremental/Idle asset on the store!

This asset will give you everything you need to make your own Incremental or Idle Game. I have taken concepts from all the most popular apps and showed you how they do it!


This is version 1.9 which comes with Banana Clicker Game scene (Plus the 2 old scenes from 1.8), I have rebuilt the scene with a fancy new look and improved performance of the scene due to the 5.2 unity update. I have added a few things which you can see below.

Banana Clicker Features

o NEW!Unity 5.2 support
o Brand new UI system
o Automatically Saves and Loads
o Works across all devices (IOS, Android, Web, PC, Mac)
o 11 Upgrades (All easily customizable with no coding required)
o 11 Buildings (All easily customizable with no coding required)
o Progress bar which shows progress towards unlocking each building/upgrade
o Slick new Graphics
o Auto Increments based on number of buildings
o Automatically changes format of output based on milestones (e.g k, mil, bil, tril)
o Keeps track of time while the app is closed and rewards you when you return!
o Modular - Can be expanded infinitely with no coding required.(however the float has a limitation of Quintilian)
o And loads more features and improvements

I am online most of the time so if you need help with your project, contact me and i will do my best to respond asap.