This is the web demo for my Business Tycoon Asset available on the Asset Store

Current Version - 1.2 (Unity 5.4)

Now handles number up to 306 0 places! that's 1,000,000 + 300 more zeros!

Updated to Unity 5.4! More updated will come soon, sorry for delay.

This is the most comprehensive business Tycoon/ Incremental/ Idle Asset on the store, I have tried to take some of the most popular games and show you how to make them, So we can make you a top notch capitalist!

This asset will give you everything you need to make your own Business Tycoon type game.


This is version 1.2 which is the first version, I will aim to update it as often as i can with new features and requests,

o Unity 5.4 support!
o Uses the new Unity UI system
o Automatically Saves and Loads
o Handles super large numbers up to (1e306)
o Works across all devices (IOS, Android, Web, PC, Mac)
o 10 Businesses that auto generate income each time you click them based on how many you own.
o 10 Managers that auto generate income for each business once you unlock them.
o Purchase bonus, each 25 businesses you own half their timer.
o Businesses unlock once you have more than half of their cost, once unlocked they stay visible.
o Automatically changes format of output based on milestones (e.g k, mil, bil, tril)
o And loads more features and improvements hopefully, If you have a suggestion Please get in touch at either the Facebook Or Support Email

I am online most of the time so if you need help with your project, contact me and i will do my best to respond asap.