This is the web demo for my Guess The Word Game Template - available here >> Unity Asset Store

Released 12th January 2017

Unity Version: 5.4

This template will help you make those awesome Guess The Word games you have surely seen on the app store or play store.

I have taken some of their mechanics and tried to show you how you can do it too.

Easily expandable to X Levels and X questions per level.

All lines of code commented for clarity.

Simple choose some images you want to use and create your questions easily.


o Unity 5.4 Support

o Automatically Saves and Loads Progress

o Displays progress on Level Select Screen

o Import your own images and Questions and copy paste to make more levels.

o Style each level different or keep it the same and change the title.

o Change the tiles easily just by replacing the tiles in the folder.

o Supports adding tiles and putting them back!

Taking Feature Requests - contact me above to request features!