This is the story of 3 little pigs, Your goal is to build a community of 20 brick huts to survive the onslaught of an everlasting wolf attack.

Each hut you build attracts another wolf constantly attacking and your little pigs will work their hardest for you.

A clicker game.

Please note, this game needs to be played in 1920x1080p Full screen. Very sorry about this, But it was made for a gamejam and i ran out of time by the time i discovered this oversight. My apologies.

  • Stick Hut
    • Makes 1 stick per click/tick (default)
    • Holds 1 pig
    • Has 25 health
    Wood Hut
    • Makes 1 wood + 10 sticks per click/tick (default)
    • Holds 2 pigs
    • Has 50 health
    Stone Hut
    • Makes 1 stone + 10 Wood per click/tick (default)
    • Holds 3 pigs
    • Has 75 health
    Brick Hut
    • Makes 1 brick + 10 stone per click/tick (default)
    • Holds 4 pigs
    • Has 100 health

Each time you buy a hut, a new wolf is spawned.

Each time you upgrade a hut a wolf increases their damage.

How To Play

First up build a stick hut, Then upgrade your sticks per click to 10 per click, This allows you get a decent amount quickly. Then buy a pig and upgrade it until its working at 0.5s a tick. Then upgrade it so it gives you 10 sticks every 0.5seconds. This gives you a good baseline for automatic income.

Then upgrade to a wood hut asap, as 1 click on a wood hut gives you 1 wood + 10 sticks per click, So it's the fastest way to get sticks quickly.

Repeat the above process with the wood hut, then upgrade a second and repeat.

Then upgrade one to a stone and repeat the above.

Repeat until you own 20 brick huts. Oh and don't forget to repair! it's easy to forget and lose a hut to those pesky wolves.

Any feedback? Please contact me on Discord at @Crumble


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Nice take on the story and the fact made as strategy/building game.  in a final game it would probably help to reduce amount of need for clicks. probably a progress bar that builds up over time and release bunch of sticks.

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What do you mean? The auto pigs do that for you? You can upgrade how often they tick to a max of per 0.5 secs and upgrade how many materials they give u per tick..

and once u upgrade to a wood hut, each tick gives you 10x the amount of wood as sticks. So for every 1 wood it gives you 10 sticks, reducing the need to click on stick huts, Then once u upgrade to stone, 1 stone gives u 10 wood. reducing the need to click on wood huts. So you only need to click a short time until u have the piggies working well on each new level of hut.